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The prophet is a composition that is a full-fledged collection of art along with illustrations and prose, which urges you to pause and ponder the various day-to-day used and overused terms. The main reason for the way it latches on to you is the exceptional writing style, and the personification encompassed in almost all the analogies.

What made me read this?

The most interesting part about the book which persuaded me to have a copy was the time and effort that went into the formulation of this masterpiece in its entirety (12 years to be precise!). Much noteworthy are the illustrations made by the author himself. It is said “the portrayal of expression is a gift which comes seldom in very rare people, but here is a being who has penned down his emotions as beautifully as he stroked the bristles of his brush.”

The collection of his prose are so comforting yet enriching to the soul that you would want to come back to it again-and-again. Much like a Bible or any of the religious texts, it is always advised to go through them multiple times to make sure you have absorbed every bit of it, as it has so much to offer.

Even though the book dates back to quite some time, the relevance that it holds in the modern times is extraordinary. Today when people talk of feelings, emotions and responsibilities in many detrimental ways, The Prophet is the perfect book which offers solutions that are not only apt but also perspectives that are driven after keen observations of humanity and its tendencies in general.

There are people shunning themselves off from the world, battling depression every passing moment, this book shines beautifully as a beam of light explaining and giving insights on every day to day topics like love, friendship, marriage etc.,

What does it contain?

The book speaks volumes with its limited usage of words; hence it invites you to it multiple times. Reading this book once might not seem enough. Being a collection of condiments of the day to day living, it has an insight on almost the entirety and my personal favorites being about love, marriage, and religion. It induces in you a will to reason your actions and to seek awareness rather than blindly following someone else’s beliefs. It wouldn’t be completely wrong to term this book as an important brick in the foundation of one’s spiritual awakening.

Overall, The Prophet is a much-recommended read with so much to offer to enrich your personality. Though it totally depends on the reader to sift amongst what all they would wish to approbate from the book which includes verses and accelerates the style of living, this book is still highly recommended amongst the much-deserved reads.

(This review is originally written by Minakshi Mishra, a book enthusiast from God’s own dwelling place called Varanasi. Her views for the book are personal)

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