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IKIGAI by Hector Gracia and Francis Mirallers (Review)

I picked up Ikigai by Hector Garcia and Francis Mirallers recently, which talks about the Japanese secret to a long and happy life. This book is a jolt that you might need to get a hold of yourself, and at the same time it could be a nudge of self-assurance on how well ‘you got this’. Throughout this book, the author has provided instances which proves that all of us have our personal Ikigai i.e., the reason to get out of bed every day and be that one person whom we look upon to.

What’s the Mantra?

The book is an enriching composition of case studies and analogies which results in familiar conclusions, hence enabling the reader to get into the world of possibilities. Going ahead in the depth of the book, there are mindful comparisons made amongst the Japanese traditions and beliefs, with the rest of the world.

Little of my surprise, I found many of the mentioned tools to be very similar to those which we have been following in our Indian culture too. Effective terms like microflow are incorporated in the chapters that basically enable us to form a pattern to our work. It further strengthens our work balance.

Another interesting term is ‘wabi-sabi’ which is a Japanese practice to find beauty in imperfect and incomplete things. It further refers to the blue zones where the life expectancy of the inhabitants is faultless. The key is to figure out your flow and use techniques like Yoga, Meditation, Music and more, to keep your sanity at a place.

My Latching Moment

The latch moment for me was when the author denied the concept of Retirement as a Necessity. It is mentioned in the book: “can someone really retire if he is passionate about what he does?”

So, the next time when we crib or complain about how stressful our lives and work-life is,  this question should linger in our minds as well. Not only this but unlike the popular mindset, the author further seems to believe that a little stress is good for your growth- which is quite interesting and applicable to everyone in today’s life.

Why a Good Read?

All-in-all, Ikigai is a must-have book on your shelf, which will remind you of the fact that it is just not the mindful work you do which matters, but how well we take care of our mind is of utmost importance.

(This book review is originally written by Minakshi Mishra, a book enthusiast from God’s own dwelling place- Varanasi. Her views for the book is personal.)

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