Home Must Read Book Review: ‘HOW TO BE A BAWSE’ by LILLY SINGH


The author takes you along on a journey right from the first page, with it’s highly interactive chapters, which would let the readers intact, and it will be so engaging that it will even intice the reluctant readers.

Nope! It is not an autobiography, it’s a self-help book. The way the author establishes a connection with the readers quite like her videos on youtube is exceptional. Along with saying things that are mostly known to us, she manages to lure you in with her signature quirk. The chapters are very well observed, and they present you with insights, and force you to ponder on your actions. Some of my favourites being, be secretive, let go of the FOMO, shake what your mama gave ya, you are a chameleon.

You surely want this book on your shelf and the contents in your head for a mere clichéd but extremely true fact “IT MIGHT TAKE TIME BUT SUCCESS IS BOUND TO YOU, IF YOU COMMIT TO WORK HARD ENOUGH FOR IT”

About the Author

I particularly had an interest in this book, because this is the first creation by someone who has been admired as an internet personality for sometime now. She has been an icon for entertainment, motivation and most importantly self love. No no, not trying to lure you with sympathy to like the review or the book, but before diving into the book let’s figure out a few things about the author.

Though the author is much-known internet icon, just to let the first-timers know, Lilly Singh happens to be one of the leading Youtubers in today’s time,who initially started her channel to make comedy videos, progressed with vlogs and now with her very own TV show ( a little late with Lilly Singh (NBC))has made several appearances the movies making her quite impossible to ignore. Interestingly all of this started right at the bottom of the ladder quite many years ago, from being a confused college graduate (which is an experience for many of us) she climbed up rather hustled (as she calls it) her way up.


Even today as I look around, I see many people not so happy, confused, lost and even sad yet trying very hard to get a grip, who aren’t ready to give up, come what may, but are slowly getting worn out by what life has been continuously throwing at them on a daily basis. For all of them and this book serves to be a boon.

(This review has been written by Minakshi Mishra, a book enthusiast from God’s own dwelling place- Varanasi. Her views for the book are personal.)

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