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Namaste Wahala: Parental Disagreement and Drama made the story worth watching

Namaste Wahala has been on the top of the trending movie list on Netflix these days. Released on Valentine’s Day, Hamisha Daryani Ahuja’s family features Ruslaan Mumtaz, an Indian film & television actor and Ini Dima-Okojie, Nigerian born actress.

From love at first sight to India-Nigeria family drama, the story has many angels to focus on. Raj (Ruslaan) and Didi (Ini Dima) met for the first time at a beach during the morning run, and there goes the story!

The film has been directed on the story written by Diche Enuwa and Temitope Bolade-Akinbodeand is majorly moduled in English with bits of Hindi, Igbo and Pidgin language. Also the director of the movie- Hamisha Daryani Ahuja also played a key role in the movie as a friend of Didi.

The film is a perfect blend of humour, romance, care, parental concern, family issues, anger, and everything one would love to enjoy.

Namaste Wahala can be translated as “Hello, Trouble”- and as the title suggests, there are several concerns which will keep you engaged and make you sit and watch. Certainly, a good and engaging film to enjoy and very new concept I have witnessed over the period.

The major issue was family not accepting and it ended happily when both the families accepted each other with an open heart. Though the story breaks a lot of stereotype in the entertainment segment, and not only internationally, but this film gives a lot of Indian a mode to understand how families are opening up for their kids and what is more important in today’s time.

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