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The Hygiene India, Health and Hygiene Commerce Platform, Starts Operation

TheHygiene India, India’s latest e-commerce platform in the health and hygiene category, started its operations today.  It is a start-up promoted by the Lord’s Mark Industries for improving the quality of life by offering natural products. The Hygiene India offers products in health care, home care and personal care segments under the brand names SafeSehat, MarkoSafe and Safelite respectively.

 A wide range of products is offered by The Hygiene India across the three segments. However, it is introducing a few select products today and will launch the rest of the products in the near future. The product range is tailor-made for addressing the most common health and hygiene needs of Indian people and households from across the social strata. 

Mr Sachindanand Upadhyay, Director, The Hygiene India said, “Lord’s Mark believes that inclusiveness and sustainability are going to be two most important pillars of businesses in the future. The philosophy behind the launch of Hygiene India resonates well with these two principles and adheres to the United Nations Sustainable Development goals of providing good health, wellbeing, sanitation and clean water to everyone. It will be guided by the Lord’s Mark via Lords Med for ensuring well researched high-quality products addressing the unique health and hygiene problems of the Indian cohorts. However, The Hygiene India will operate independently as a new-age digital start-up.”

“The Hygiene India has paid special focus on women’s health and has developed clutter-breaking, reasonably priced health care and personal care products for them. Its flagship product for women is Safelite Sanitary Napkin. Hygiene India has also launched a range of essential kits for enhancing the holistic care of people. The Hygiene India has a strong business model with a quick scalability plan for further propelling the business”, commented Mr Naitik Vyas, Advisor and Consultant for Lord’s Mark Industries.

About The Hygiene India

HygieneInidaTM is an initiative of Lord’s Mark Industries Pvt Ltd. HygieneIndiaTM is a principle of “leaving no one behind” by United Nations, Lord’s Mark via its LordsMed vertical is committed to making Bharat and World a better place w.r.t good health and well-being (SDG-Goal 3) and access to clean water and sanitation (SDG- Goal6).

HygieneIndiaTM has curated its own products and partnered with multiple sellers who have focused their product initiative in Hygiene areas. HygieneIndiaTM has three main categories Health Care, Home Care and Personal Care.

SafeSehatTM , MarkoSafeTM and  SafeliteTM are Brands and Trademarks of HygieneIndiaTM

For more details, please visit https://www.thehygieneindia.com/

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