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She Must Fight For Her Rights And Be Victorious

Women’s Day is around the corner and we celebrate this day for what women actually are.

Marriage was once a necessity for a woman in a number of countries, but today women are working hard to build their own identity and making it big for their lives. They are multitaskers who have been working hard professionally and personally- from being a full time professional to being a full-time mother, daughters-in-law, aunts and what not. I do not state that men are anyways behind, but breaking the monotony, women have evolved from the traditional mindset to accepting a lifestyle where they can work with their spouse and siblings, standing tall in their careers and passion, instead of being at home and dreaming of doing something which could fulfil their Ikigai.

Today women have been working hard for their identity and making it big in the various walk of lives. They are open to taking the challenge of being someone which they dreamt of- from being an astronaut, to doctor, engineer, NASA scientist, an athlete, boxer, racer, national player and whatnot. Even the corporate have few best performing women at the top of the organisational structure, who have been making huge difference.


But, not every woman can achieve their dreams easily. Sometimes setbacks are created from society, families and friends who kept doubting their calibre and they are left with nothing but to fight for what they actually want to achieve. Sometimes they have to stand for their dreams which might not please their family and all the dear ones. But if a woman is committed to what she wants to achieve, she can.

Women are known to be high on emotions, and this could be their strength and weakness. But aligning their energy my structuring their wants can help them to figure out the right way to proceed for what they want to pursue – whether it is their career, life decision or lifestyle. All that is required to achieve and be victorious is commitment and 100% faith.

Source: Google- Woman feeling free

So, this week, before we hit Women’s Day, decide your life and stand for your dreams to lead a regret free life and smile one day by thinking “I MADE IT!”

(Thoughts are personal)

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