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How to get sleep if you are a Night Owl- Tips and Tricks

Trying hard to get one good sound sleep, but spent hours thinking and dreaming of sleeping, without shutting your eyes? Well! You are certainly not alone, as insomnia has been a part and parcel for many young professionals who have been working around the clock. Unfortunately the corporate life and work pressure has distorted the living style for many, and people are logged into their work through their extended body part i.e., mobile phones.

There are reason to be that tied up and worried, as everyone in today’s world has been going through so many ups-and-downs. The EMIs, loans, credit card bills, fulfilling your family wishes and necessities for life has been a major part in everyone’s life. everyone is running for survival and its has become like a horse race.

But sleeping is equally important for a human body to have a proper operational system. People can only work if they are capable to be mentally present, but if one is not given enough rest to the body and brain, the productivity will be the top most thing which will impact one’s daily routine.


Understanding the need for the hour, we tried collecting some ways by which you could try to sleep off soon, to be more healthy and productive.

A Comfortable Mattress and Pillows: Indeed, one of the major reason one cannot sleep accurately is the uncomfortable bed and pillow. If you try and change to a body shaping or better mattress and pillow, chances for sound sleep will be much higher. Just do not be overwhelmed and buy a super soft mattress either, as it will be another uncomfortable reason for your insomnia.

Silent Your Cell Phone: You must have noticed how many parents keep scolding their little ones to keep the phone away from their beds while sleeping. It is reasonable- because till the time we have this distracting element called mobile phones/cell phones/smartphones in our hand, the chances to be entertained will be more and you will not be able to sleep then. If you want to really take a good care of your body and mind, keep your device away from your hand and keep it on silent/vibrator mode.

No work on the Bed: Yes, if you really want to work, have a proper work setup, but making your sleeping bed, your official workplace is certainly not a good idea. This will give you enough reason to stress for work while you get off to sleep and stress might kill your sleep too. Here subcautious might act as a catalyst and work as your sleep breaker.

Create a Sleep Routine: You have to get out of your comfort zone as you must focus on your sleep cycle and rest too. Remember, a healthy body always gets a healthy sleep. So, no matter what, the world can wait if you know how to organise your routine and balance your life.

Eat Right: What we eat also impacts our sleeping system. eating too heavy dinner might impact your digestive system and even could hurt your stomach. We all need to manage our eating habits in order to have a healthier day and smooth relaxing nights. And if the fuel for body is right, one can win over nights too, by getting enough relaxing sleep.

Though these basic things to impliment might sound like launching a rocket to many, but once a person defines a work schedule, good eating habits and organising their system, nothing can beat their productivity. But one has to be descipline to get the benifits of the tips. So, keep healthy, upgrade your lifestyle and sleep well!

(The feature was originally written by Saumya Nigam)

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