Home Entertainment Culture “Most of the artwork you see around is inspired by women”, says Lavanya Rastogi, Founder of Happy Hikkups

“Most of the artwork you see around is inspired by women”, says Lavanya Rastogi, Founder of Happy Hikkups

An artist, working from Mumbai has been adding value by conducting a number of workshops for various forms of art for all age groups. Founder of Happy Hikkups, Ms Lavanya Rastogi believes that Art and Women compliment each other and are interlinked too. On International Women’s Day, the artist shared her views and belief on how Art and Women linked together from a very ancient times.

Lavanya Rastogi, Founder of Happy Hikkups

Art and Women:

For me, both these words go complementary to each other. Women are being employed everywhere now, creating meaningful and innovation.

Most of the artwork you see around is inspired by women.

Earlier women were being used as props for the artwork rather than having any identity as a creator. But the times have changed today women aren’t only limited to being merely inspirational or model subjects of art; women are creating art at their own will, freedom and creativity.

They have acted as the main source to both as a collector of art and as an artist as well. Surrealism is one style of art where women has truly contributed and leading the space since ages.

We live in a fortunate time of history, when women can now freely participate and become creators of art, we should further be thankful, appreciate and celebrate their continuous contributions by being more supportive and being constantly on the lookout for that next great artwork.

As I always say, art comes from destruction and who else can be a better example than women from being the God of the destruction when needed and giving birth to a new world when required. 

It’s a world of Mokaali the ‘Modern Kaali’ in my words and I wish to make an artwork for her some day!

We do not live with the magic of mantras and power weapons but we do have the ability and courage of expressing ourselves through artwork and words together.

I believe art is a ‘Voice’ which is definitely required to be heard in today’s world. May be someday somewhere, just looking at an artwork will awaken the humanity that we have lost and which is long gone.

(The article has been written by Ms Lavanya Rastogi, Founder of Happy Hikkups. Thoughts are personal)

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