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“Vedas is on a mission to revive the historical art and culture from 18th and 19th century”, says Palash Agarwal, Founder of Vedas Exports

We all are aware of the rich cultural heritage of India and how the foreign market looks up to the antiques made in India. Today, people have gone from urban modern styling to going tradition cultural interior of the houses, not to just make a house look great, but to make people realised how rich our culture and artefacts are.

To encourage the local companies and manufacturers of traditional handicrafts and antique artefacts, Vedas Exports Private Limited aims to make every house, restaurant, hotel, etc. to display at least one piece of their décor.

Vedas is an innovative brand in the décor industry, offering handmade products that are crafted to perfection. We vouch for elegant designs, trends, and superior quality in the market. Catering successfully to the increasing global demand for exquisite décor items, Vedas has gained a strong foothold in India and abroad market. The vision is to reach every single town and each seller dealing in décor, says Palash Agarwal, Founder and Director, Vedas Exports Private Limited.

We got a chance to know the insight about the brand inception and how did they come up with the art of authenticity and interacted with Mr Palash Agrawal, Director at Vedas Exports to know more about the brand.

How did this idea of metal artefacts came into your mind?

Metal figures prominently in the Indian handicraft practices of the 18th and 19th century. One can see a lot of brass, copper and iron handicrafts from that era. Since our aim is to revive and make the design and artefact trends from that period popular, metal artefacts seemed to be an ideal starting point.

How has been the market response so far?

The market response has been excellent. We get a lot of queries and most of those convert into sales. We have a very strong customer base in India as well as in all major overseas markets where the Indian origin population is present.

What are the designs which you prefer to choose and how?

Vedas aims to revive and highlight the art and culture of 18th and 19th century India. Therefore, our designs are primarily chosen with the art and culture of that era in mind. This is why we focus highly on intricate jaali work, floral motifs and other such elements which you can find in almost all artworks and buildings of the pre-British Raj India.

Who are the karigars for your metal artefacts and where is your manufacturing unit?

Vedas is headquartered in Ranchi, but our manufacturing unit is in Jodhpur. All our karigars and metal artisans are based in Jodhpur. We have both male and female karigars who craft and weld the artefacts by hand and join the pieces together. As of now, we are about 150 karigars working exclusively for us, and we aim to add more as we go along.

What is your company’s mission?

As the name of the company indicates, Vedas is on a mission to revive the historical art and culture from the 18th and the 19th century. This is the philosophy behind our creations. If you look at the Diya collection then the art is inspired by early 19th century patterns of jaali work.

What are the challenges you are facing in the Indian market as you know how challenging it is to build your presence?

There are several challenges especially due to intense competition in the market. Nowadays, the biggest challenge comes in the form of duplication. Each new design that is launched into the market is soon copied and various other manufacturers quickly come up with identical looking products. Hence, it becomes a major challenge to keep the uniqueness and the brand identity distinct from others. To achieve this goal, we keep launching some new designs every month, and our aim is to constantly innovate and create new ranges of products which are not available elsewhere. At the same time, challenges are a part and parcel of every organization’s functioning and we are up for it.

What do you believe in, as an entrepreneur and what is your motto for life to sustain and build a healthy relationship with your clients?

As an entrepreneur, the aim is to remain highly customer focused. If there are any customer queries and grievances, we promptly address those and ensure customer delight. The belief is to quickly compensate the customer. With a near immediate response, we ensure that the customer is made to feel special. This leads to successful customer retention and we have a very strong support from them today.

What is the export response and what countries are showing interest in your products? 

Export response has been extremely good. We are present in USA, UK, South East Asia, Dubai and even South African countries. Wherever there are NRI populations, the products have been gaining a lot of response. They no longer need to wait to visit India as we have made the Indian artefacts available locally for them.

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