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Business - News - Press Release - September 6, 2021

National Internet Exchange of India launches a dedicated “Customer -Care Unit”

National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) has taken a new initiative by launching a customer-focused unit – “Customer-Care Unit,” which will facilitate the interaction of customers with all its Business units. This common team will be the touchpoint, irrespective of the services utilized by the consumer.

NIXI has three businesses, viz. — Internet Exchange, Dot IN Registry, and IRINN, and all three units deal with their respective customers, supporting and managing their queries. At times the same customer might be consuming services from two different units of NIXI and interact with two different teams. To overcome this and make the experience seamless, NIXI has created this Customer-Care Unit — for an efficient response towards their customers.  

On the launch, CEO NIXI, Shri Anil Kumar Jain said “In our continuous endeavour to serve the Indian Internet community, NIXI has announced the formation of Customer-Care Unit, which will be managing the complete life cycle of the customer right from their onboarding till the exit.  This initiative will make the interaction of the customer seamless and more efficient.”

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