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“Motherhood challenges make me a better person and also helps me to be a better mother”, says Krupa Shah, Artist

Mother’s are the most sacred title for any species. We human embrace mother’s as a birth givers and those who dedicate their entire life in taking care of their families. In today’s time, when world is going up-side-down, people are valuing every human they have and the emotions really esclating as people are witessing the importance of their existence in their lives.

Today, the lifestyle of working woman is double in demands, and women has been juggling their work and personal lives altogether. We got a chance to interact with the Artist based in Mumbai, named Krupa Shah, who is a mother of three and have been living the life of an artist all together. We got her mantra to be an ideal woman to work and care for her family, by raising 3 daughters and being a successful artist all together.

As a mother of 3, how do you pull up with your passion?
I do not consider myself a mother to only three daughters, but also my craft, students, canvas, and business. I believe in looking at both, personal and professional roles, with a broader outlook, and this changes the result automatically. I manage my passion for my art as well as family by finding a balance between the two and then directing my efforts towards maintaining consistency and focus towards it. So, whether you are a mother, wife, daughter or sister, my only advice to you would be to give yourself a “me” time, regardless of the responsibilities. Don’t let lack of time be an excuse to not pursue your passion or look after your family. The key is to master the art of juggling family and work – if you wish to meet your personal and professional goals.

How do you manage your work and personal life?
Family and work being equally important, I make sure I balance it. Being a wife, a mother, a daughter in law and an artist is like juggling a hundred things at once. I make sure I give time to my profession as well as contribute time to my family. I love cooking for my three daughters so that is my daily course along with making a painting to keep my passion working. My role as a woman have evolved over years while clearing stages of life.

As a mother, what is the biggest challenge you face every day?
I believe that challenges are only as much as we think, as we shift our approach towards things with positivity and grit, the situation automatically changes for better. Motherhood challenges make me a better person and also helps me to be a better mother. For me, the biggest challenge was to balance my personal and professional life.

The key to make my family and friends believe in me happened when I stood up and made my voice heard without letting my personal life get affected due to my passion and profession. The only way I could surpass difficulties and come out as a clear winner was by maintaining a work-life balance and mastering self-discipline.

As a full-time mother of 3 and a wife, you have been running your passion for years. What is your mantra?
The seeds of discipline planted years ago helped me attain and retain success seamlessly. My unwavering passion for painting and a strong desire for advancement aligned everything in the right direction, at the right time. Its important to manage both family and work at the same time and I have so far very well managed both of them. The only mantra for success as a mother of 3 daughters and wife is to not give up on your dreams. My advice to all the mothers would be, always try what you love and do not fear to make mistakes.

Being a mother makes most of the women doubt to explore their talent and get themselves engaged in their house chorus (specifically in India), what do you think you should suggest to encourage them?
There’s a common perception that women are obligated towards fulfilling their family responsibilities first, and then their personal passions. This, however, doesn’t and shouldn’t hold true. Work-life balance is the key to success. Lack of time should never be an excuse to let go of your hobbies or interests. The only way to attaining this balance is by staying patient, planned, passionate!

Things you have learned from your mother which has positively affected your life?
After all, our moms are often our first teachers. My mother plays a very important role in my life. She taught me optimism. I learnt how to be selfless. Most importantly she taught me to be responsible. She encouraged me to learn new things in life. She also taught me the value of spirituality in today’s world.

3 things you encourage and teach your kids
I want my daughters to fulfil their dreams. My daughters really get inspired of my work and they admire the way I take care of the house as well as my work. I will advise them to stay focused, motivated, and positive always. Another advice would be to keep going because challenges are temporary, but a true victor stays strong even those situations. The last bit would be to not fear boosting my work, there’s nothing to lose by putting myself out there!

To know more about the artist, visit:
Instagram  – https://www.instagram.com/krupashah.artist/?hl=en 
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/krupashah.artist 
Facebook (Personal Ac) – https://www.facebook.com/krups10 

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