Home Entertainment Business “It is good to play BAD COP at times to save lives of those whom we love”, says Saumya Nigam, E-Entrepreneur at BD Projects (worldwide)

“It is good to play BAD COP at times to save lives of those whom we love”, says Saumya Nigam, E-Entrepreneur at BD Projects (worldwide)

Over a month, the pandemic situation has gone from bad to worst. Indeed, the problem is with the people being casually incapable of keeping distance with relatives, friends and family by celebrating festivities, marriages, birthday parties and dine outs.

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People do not understand the criticality of circumstances until they face a dreadful situation in their own whereabouts.  I have recently heard from many of my friends and family about their near and dears detected with COVID_19, out of the few also shared that they lost their loved ones because of this dreadful disease.

Perhaps, world has been going down again, because of the lack of taking precautions and wasting time in ignoring the situation which is hampering so many families.

My parents and younger brother, back in my hometown (Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh) were diagnosed with the same disease and reason was the carelessness, and inviting people in, despite of knowing the cases rising. It is no doubt, tough to deny relatives and family to come home, but I understood recently, that few days of being a ‘BAD COP’ can spare you with your life rather than welcoming anyone and everyone in your home. By doing so, you will be bad for few of your acquaintances but I believe this will save their lives from a long term resentment and blame game.

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Yes, everyone thinks that the house they live in is safe, with all the protective measures- sanitization, cleanliness and hygiene, but people often forget that it is only practiced once you stay indoors, inviting no one inside the house.

We have been hearing stories of friends and families getting infected post meeting someone- maybe it’s a birthday party of a toddler, an anniversary celebration, wedding ceremony and other gather. Even a holy ritual at someone’s home is also dangerous- because we know the invitees will not get their covid report if they have got tested, or they can’t convince them to take the test before coming to your home.


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Another reason of concern is that parents do not listen to their kids at times, just like how we use to act stubborn at many-a-times with them. We have to make sure that we keep them occupied with the indoor life structure for more of the coming days. Their health has to be given equal importance, just like we do it to our teenage or younger friends and families. They are more prone to catch the disease and hence, have to be given certain regular medication- ayurvedic, home remedies and herbal drinks for boosting their immunity to fight the airborne disease. We have to be gentle at times, but we have to act like “MOM of our MOMs” and “DAD of our DADs to keep them safe.


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This might be tough for those who do not like cooking and are habituated of having made to come and cook for them daily. But keeping the criticality of the situation and keeping your made and yourself safe, you must not take the services for a time being and keep yourself engaged in cooking and doing house chorus.

Those who have been living away from family and are dependent on home service providers must seek either a full-time caregiver or no caregiver at all. Avoid the luxury of a comfortable life and enable yourself to work more efficiently at home, creating a healthy environment for you in order to keep the disease away.

Also, maids do come from many other families and you never know who have been diagnosed with the deadly virus.


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Indeed, this year will equally be tough for many of us again, because of the rising cases. But all we could do right now is to be indoors and maintain distance from our friends and families in order to keep them and us safe.

We hear sorrowful news of youth, teens, parental aged, and grandparent aged people dying every day. We have also heard dreadful stories of hospital and patient’s loneliness which is killing them emotionally too. We have to understand that we, as an individual have responsibility to keep our dear ones safe and ourselves too. So kindly keep distant from people you love in order to keep a healthy and long life ahead, once the pandemic is over.

Patience is the only key! So, please keep safe and indoors.

(Originally written by Saumya Nigam)

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