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International Women’s Day: How Indian Women are setting examples by being the Change

Although, we women do not need any special acknowledgement because the number of tasks done by any women around the world is commendable. But by celebrating this day as International Women’s Day, the world gets to know about how much the world has evolved and how much women have contributed to the environment and in civilization.

International Women’s Day, which is celebrated globally on March 8th of every year triumph the womanhood, and recall her achievements without any divisions in terms of cast, colour, creed, nationality, culture, economic, linguistic or political ways.

This is the day to acknowledge her victories at various aspects of life and spreading awareness for women’s rights and majorly for gender equality.

In today’s time, women have been heading corporate and are balancing work-life and family life at the same time. We spoke to number of women leader to know how they have been coped up with the same and how are they planning to lead the market.

This is what some of the evolving and growing leader women have to say:

Meghna Agarwal – Co Founder of IndiQube

Meghna Agarwal – Co Founder of IndiQube

I am fortunate to have a supportive ecosystem both at work & at home. This has ensured that I enjoy a lifestyle of my choice where I travel a lot, spend quality time with my family and excel at my work striking close to a perfect work-life balance.

IndiQube has always been a women-friendly workplace. We have 350+ full-time employees out of which more than 25% are women. This proportion is more than 50% in functions like Design, CRM, Legal & Community Engagement. We have made several policy interventions catering to women employees including WFH flexibility, extended maternity leaves, door-to-door transport services, etc.

I strongly believe that encouraging and supporting women to pursue their dreams should be treated as a basic right and not as a promotion of diversity. Today, it is no more a question if women are equally capable as men, it is a question of whether the society & the ecosystem perceive them to be as equals. More effort needs to go in, to create that ecosystem where women could thrive free from inhibitions.

Priyanka Save, Co Founder of Fruzzante

Priyanka Save, Co Founder of Fruzzante

Balancing work and life depends on prioritizing things. As an entrepreneur, there is a lot one has to do and at the same time family can’t be neglected. I don’t really bifurcate much between my work and Personal life; hence you will see me working on a weekend too. I have a small kid and when I am working he is also around me. This way I ensure that my work is on-going and my son also gets his due attention.

Motto for your work and family life? 

I keep it very simple really. Live in the moment; give your 100% to your work as well as your professional life.

Madhushree Bhaumik, Headmistress at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School (Kanpur)

A woman should be a support system for another woman. Analytical introspection is required to be successful in any field.

Midhula Devabhaktuni, Co-Founder and CMO at Mivi India

Prioritizing and sharing responsibilities is the key. I always ask myself, is this my priority when I’m crunched for time. This helps get my important work done be it at business or with kids. Having your partner take part in the household management is very important. Me and my husband share responsibilities both at office and at home.

It’s still a very tough job to manage both and sometimes it gets super stressful. But when you love what you do, you find a way

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