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Improve your immunity with the perfect superfood from Pali Farms

We have been stating for a very long time that “Health is Wealth”, but in modern times, we seldom ignore the fact. In the environment of fast food and snacks, we forget that some nutritional valued food is the need and witnessing the current rising infection of COVID we need supplements which will not just upscale our immunity, but also gives us strength to fight with this killer disease.

Early, all the organic and herb-based lifestyle helped the community to fight various diseases but this fast food lifestyle affected the culture big time. A healthy lifestyle is the need of an hour, and choosing healthy food may not only upgrade your resistance power, but it will further help the human body to strengthen and revitalize the food experience.

We recently got our hands on Pali Farms’ Superfoods, which are blended with Ancient Indian herbs and is said to provide sustainable nutrition, focused on holistic and rejuvenating nourishment for the mind and body, both.

Here is what we experienced after a regular use of Superfoods from Pali Farms:

Turmeric Latte blend:

About: Turmeric Latte features Turmeric and its bio-active compound Curcumin as its main ingredient. Also, the turmeric is blended with coconut, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, licorice, and ashwagandha.

Taste and Result: The turmeric latte is a caffeine free signature blend which tastes like turmeric, but the smell is suppressed with the other herbs (like cardamom, and cinnamon), which makes it drinkable, especially to those who cannot stand with the smell of turmeric. Perhaps a worth having supplement, to replace your morning tea and bedtime drink for those who want to go caffeine free. I took the supplement for a month now, and it helped me feel energetic and relaxed. The intestine feels relaxed and it helped me in building my immunity to fight the virus. A must recommended drink for those who believes in the medicinal values of turmeric and want to go caffeine free.

Beetroot Latte Blend

About: Beetroot Latte features Beetroots along with other essential spices, and is completely caffeine-free, dairy-free, 100% plant-based, gluten-free and is full of fibers, vitamins & minerals.

Taste and Result: As we all knowBeetroots is associated with numerous health benefits and as this superfood is blended with other spices, it tastes ok (but we can’t expect all the flavours when we are willing to keep up with the health). Though few might not like the taste but the spices do make it drinkable and have this superfood as a regular immunity booster with blood cleansing ability. For my personal taste boosting, I added a little jiggery powder for sweetness.

Overall, Beeroot Latte is a perfect morning drink for energy. I had been having this latte for almost a week and it helps me fight with my health and good gut health. No doubt if we feed our intestine with good food, it is shown on our skin. I have witnessed the fair amount of glow in my skin post drinking this superfood, as a replacement to my other caffeine oriented beverages.

Spinach Latte Blend

About: Spinach Latte is a blend of Spinach with other essential spices.

Taste and feel: Spinachis considered to have exceptional abilities to restore energy, increase vitality, maintains eye health and improves the quality of the blood. Indeed, you cannot pull out time to make your smoothie or any other time taking drink or vegetables, this superfood is a ready to have drink for allowing your body to have a caffeine free lifestyle. Tastes fine, and the other spices made it worth having it easily. If someone is affected with dairy products then this is a perfect drink for them. As the drink is 100% plant based, it helps to improve the gut health and digestive system too. I had it for a week and it helped me keep my immunity and strength upgraded with enough fibers to feed my body for strength and fatigue-free life. Indeed, a good booster for the day and better supplement for the body for better performance.

Healthy eating and drinking is something which has been highly recommended by doctors and families are leveling up by going organic and drinking health drinks like these superfood. With Pali Farm’s blended food supplements, one can certainly save time at measuring and creating their own superfood and can help them to carry a supreme health care supplement when they are on the go.


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