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Women sharing their voices on International Women’s Day

We already share some of the women talking about how they have been balancing their work and family life together, in our previous Women’s Day special feature. (Link)

TrueSpeak team spoke with number of other women players of the country who have their belief crystal clear. They shared how they made big in the current situation and how the life has taught them some real lessons, which they belive in. Here are few voices of the women who you must know of:

Anuritta K Jha- Actor and Model

How women have been taking action and becoming multitasker in the field of entertainment?

Women have always been the better one’s at multi tasking. Slowly and steadily we are creating our space in  the entertainment industry as well, be it writing, acting, directing, cinematography or any other creative aspect, women are changing the lense through which the world was seeing them earlier, and its great change.

How women are making a big difference by managing work life and family life together?

Well I have seen my mother do that all her life, being a professor and managing every aspect of homemaking with equal efficiency, giving love to Children and elders and being very particular about education.
Women are born with this beautiful quality that balances compassion and practicality. Its just that we have started valuing and respecting our efforts now.

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Mohini Sharma, an Educationist and Winner of Mrs India 2016

Mohini Sharma

How women have been taking action and becoming multitasker in the field of entertainment?
Women like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra have been taking India to the world. In fact, two of these global icons started their careers with beauty pageants. We also have women directors like Mira Nair, Farah Khan, Ekta Kapoor who have proven themselves in the field of Direction and Production. Women are slowly claiming a larger share of the entertainment workforce by coming to the fore in varied avenues on-screen and behind it. Writers, comedians, stuntwomen, camerawomen, makeup artists, dancers…the entertainment industry is certainly witnessing women taking up careers that were not commonly associated with them. It’s certainly a wave of change across the entertainment industry. 

How women are making a big difference by managing work life and family life together?
Women today live life in a ‘no compromise’ mode. They want it all and they deserve it all. They are mothers who nurture their household while running their offices. The fact that offices are being designed to include a childcare centre and policies are being reformed to accommodate paternity leaves in addition to maternity leaves, proves that work culture is transforming to make work-life balance more conducive for women. Clearly, this indicates their contribution to growing organisations. 

Soumita Saha, an Artist (International singer, composer and Painter)

I have struggled to fulfil my dreams and the support from my parents and friends have helped a lot to keep the flame ablaze. Trust me, everything that is positive may not appear positive in the beginning. If you are doing what you love nothing can demotivate you.

I evolved stronger and rational when I found friends turning enemies and haters trying to suddenly become friendly. I had that bit of assurance that I am doing right in my life. My relationship started having everything other than love and compassion as the guy I was with suddenly felt intimidated. My moto is to be accepted for who I am, if I need to consider changing myself to be accepted that kind of acceptance is a tight slap on the face of upbringing I have been provided. 

Sunita Jindar, Ex-Supreme Court Lawyer and now an Entrepreneur

In today’s time, it is not easy for a woman to be career-oriented to manage both the household chores and professional life, but surprisingly they have done a great job and especially in the metro cities women have broken the age-old barriers and have been successfully managing both.

If I talk about my journey as an entrepreneur, yes! it was not a cakewalk at all. I come from a background where women are just meant to give birth and manage household chores. But, I never wanted to do the same and I went out of the box and chose this path towards entrepreneurship and Yes I can proudly say I did a great job. It was initially difficult to break the age-old stigma and what I want to because society is always there to raise questions on you which did happen in my case and my parents who were too cautious about their image thought that I was on the wrong path and it is not meant for me. But, that fire within to have my own individual identity never let me give up.
So, if you ask me my mantra for success is to keep doing what you love, don’t think about what people say and think because once you are successful these people will be the ones who will hail you like a Goddesses and praise you


We also spoke to a public speaker who has fought various battles to get her identity as a woman, in North Indian society. This is what she believes in:

Arjun Sharma, Public speaker and Activist

There is no doubt that women (including transexual and transwomen) are showing excellence in various walks of life, and, people are proudly saying that we are accepting them and giving them (women) chances to prove their capability or worth.

My question is if this universe has given authority only to the women to bring life into existence, then who are ‘you’ to accept us and give us the opportunities to prove our worth. Today, this whole world is celebrating Women’s Day just to recognise their efforts, pain and contribution to society.

Do you really think that being a woman and womanhood should be celebrated for a single day?

I don’t see any point in celebrating this day when you want to degrade us, disrespect us and play with our dignity and honour on other days. There is no doubt that we are (women) doing excellent in every aspect of life be it managing a group of individuals at workplaces or making a house a “HOME”.

But, are we all getting the chance to do what we really want to do?

The answer is ‘NO’, as most of the women don’t have the liberty to do what they really want to do- be it wearing clothes of their own choice, choosing what they want to study, choosing the profession they want to pursue and, even the partner with whom they want to spend rest of their life with.

India is a country where women got the highest constitutional and legal rights, but, are these getting implemented? In this 21st century, we say that there is no difference between a man or woman, but, ask yourself, are the situations and circumstances changed or are we still fighting for our place?

In our world, natural-born women are still fighting hard for their position and place, so, now I don’t want to say anything in regards to the situations of transexual and transwomen.

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Dr Vishakha Shukla, Founder of Nawabi Tails

Women are a force of nature. I say this because they are capable of going through bone-crushing pains periodically while keeping a straight face on and giving a presentation in front of thousands of people, or run a marathon. They can raise a child as well they can raise a company to monumental heights.

But all this isn’t easy. I am a doctor, writer, entrepreneur and animal activist. I might not have human-kids but I have 28 homeless animals who need constant care and vigilance. I have a company I’m building and I’m working full time as well. To be able to manage both personal and professional life, it’s essential we care about ourselves first.

Our mental and physical health is of vital importance. I learnt this the hard way. So now, every day I wake up and meditate and workout. I read a book before I look at my emails and messages. I take a day off once in a while when things get too overwhelming. Once I started working on myself, I started feeling better and healthier. The confidence to lead and work towards my goal increased substantially. I might face roadblocks and critics every now and then, but there’s no stopping now. Here’s to all the women who run the world like a boss!!

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