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The Indispensable World of Public Relations

The COVID 19 pandemic has been a true assessment for every business stream’s nature to withstand critical occurrences on a global scale. Most companies struggled to keep themselves afloat and consumers loyal to their brands. The effect on global markets and the sudden decline of demand owing to the initial panic made a lot of large brands and corporates feel the need to cut “extra” costs or discontinue services that seemed more like a luxury than a necessity. 

The PR agencies have witnessed the loss of some of their oldest clients, freezing of accounts and discontinuation of PR activities. Once individuals and corporates, alike, got comfortable with the ‘new normal’, brands realized that this is a golden ticket to grab the market by the scruff of the neck and sustain their consumers.

It is the basic role of a Public Relation executive to stay on top of current trends in the market, have a good connection with the masses and the media. Many brands realised that if you want to reach the right people and have the opportunity to present your product / service / offerings to them, it is vital to communicate well. While other services like advertising or marketing will give you great visibility, understanding whether it has reached the right audience is almost impossible. A creative and successful PR campaign or activity can bring in traction that can set a brand apart from its competitors.   

Public Relations is one of the most effective ways of building a good brand image, something various entities are vying for in a time like this. The strategies used before the pandemic may not be as effective anymore, but PR is an unparalleled aspect of brand building, I daresay it is almost indispensable. Public Relations is all about showcasing your brand’s ideals from a third person’s perspective, hence enhancing already established credibility.

Though the traditional forms of PR like Press Related Content (e.g., authored articles, opinion pieces, press releases) and events are irreplicable, most of the activities now take place online. With influencers, opinion leaders and leadership profiles gaining impetus in recent times, PR has expanded its scope of work to inculcate these along with the traditional means and evolve into a holistic version of brand development. The pandemic has opened the eyes of most brands to the importance of PR and they are actively employing and allotting a chunk of their budget for this service. Though it is difficult to gauge the future of PR post COVID, it has moved from an add-on service to a necessity for most organisations, a paramount additive to daily workings.

(This article was originally written by Ovez Khan, Group CEO and Founder, Trivium Media Group)

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