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An interesting story of a corporate employee turned to a Passionate Tattoo Artist

Indian culture and the art of tattooing have a long history together. Originally, this art was particularly practised by various tribes of India and other countries too, which symbolizes their pack’s belief system and a rite of passage. Over time, the art of tattooing almost vanished, as the industrial age came into the picture and modernization hitting the economy.

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But in today’s time, things have changed, people have accepted that different is normal and culture is passion. The perception of witnessing various things around us has changed. Over the time, as our country began to keep pace with the rest of the world, the trade of ideas and creative instincts have helped the art of tattooing evolve, too.

Tattoo art is passion and being tattoo artist one creative industry to look up for, if you have this this skill called being creative, as the industry has been pacing with the passing time. It is further estimated that the Indian tattoo industry generates the revenue of more than Rs. 20,000 crore every year. However, the industrialization of tattooing is relatively new in India, as compared to the other countries. Even though it is such a rich industry, still there is a lot to be done to spread awareness and possibilities.

Though people in the country are still struggling to accept tattoo art as a professional career option, yet there are few passionate people who have been following this art and making big in the creative space of tattoo making. Similar is the story of one of the known and growing artist from Delhi who is known by the name of Max.

Tattoo Artist Max

A self-taught tattoo artist from Delhi has been tattooing for over a decade and specializes in creating custom designs in a number of styles. But the story of his journey is interestingly engaging.

Before starting as a tattoo artist, Max was working as a branch manager in a stockbroking house. Though he never considered himself as a tattoo artist, but he had a keen interest in art and drawing. He was working in corporate when he got influenced by the tattoo shows which were showcased on television and over the time, he got encouraged by his friends who suggested him that he could take up tattooing as a career.

And after a while, he took a big leap from being a corporate employee to becoming a self-employed tattoo artist and pursue his passion as a career in 2009.

Though, in 2009 tattooing was not considered as a mainstream career option, but Max worked as a freelancer for few years before venturing into his professional studio named as InkInn in the year 2011, which is now one of the oldest professional tattoo studios in South Delhi and running successfully for more than a decade now.  

Tattoo made by Max

Over the time, Max has got exposure in different styles and forms of tattoo making but also helped in gathering detailed insight related to tattoo making like dealing with all sort of skin tone and type, handling client from all over the globe, and understanding the medical aspect of tattooing. 

The artist has been working on expanding his art of tattoo making into teaching and to add value to his passion and skills, Max has been working on the awareness around tattoo making as a stable career option for the Indian youth and is working towards starting a school –Inkinn Academy, where his creative skills and veracity and details will be provided to the tattoo makers to make big in the Indian market, to build the career in tattoos making by attaining formal training in tattoo art.

To visit Instagram page of Max, click here.

To visit InkInn Tattoo Studio on instagram, click here.

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