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Swara Bliss Completes 3 years of Blissful Journey- with Premium Skincare products (Review)

Swara Bliss is a brand that focuses on cruelty-free, paraben-free, handmade and ethical products that suit all skin types and pockets. Established in 2018, the brand has successfully celebrated its third anniversary recently and is continuing to bag a space in women handcrafted cosmetic brands of the country. Aiming to cater for the authentic handmade product line in India Swara Bliss is appreciated for its skincare, body care, and haircare range of products, inspired by Ayurveda and natural living.

Founded by Pragya Saxena Mohan, a woman with a vision, Swara Bliss has been working closely with the team to curate the best quality products for a sustainable skincare brand. The vision of the brand revolves around effective natural skincare products, which are infused with Grade-A essential oils and are to improve skin and hair texture, for all age groups.

We got a chance to review some of their many products range. After a month of regular usage; below is our review for Swara Bliss products which are must be recommended by True Speak’s team.

Lemon Gel with Lemon Essential Oil

One of the most recommended of all the skincare products is ‘Lemon Gel’. This Light-weighted, non-sticky gel provides hydration and a relaxing effect on irritated skin. As we all are aware that Lemons are used as a skin astringent, which helps to cure the skin of any outbreak and cleanses it from any impurities like acne and blackheads. It further helps in cleaning the dead skin and comes with no artificial fragrances (the main USP of Swara Bliss Brand).

My experience has been positive. I have seasonally moderate skin- oily in monsoon, dry in winters and sweat prone in summers. In this weather of monsoon, when the acne outbreak, my skin got a healing effect from the lemon gel and it even helped to calm my skin down with a cool soothing effect. A must-have product if you want to quickly put your skin on to regular detox.

The 200ML of Lemon Gel costs INR 350/- and is available through their online platform (Link). Accordingly to TS Team, a the price is justifiable to the quality of the product.

Glycerine Soap with Lemon Grass Essential Oil

Glycerine has been considered a very effective and pure way of keeping skin soft and supple. In India, many people treat dry skin with glycerine diluted in rose water for that healthy skin, which they ever wanted. It also helps to cure sensitive-skin, and treat itchiness, dryness and flaky skin. Lemongrass, on the other hand, helps to purify the skin by removing impurities, detoxify the skin. Their antioxidants are very effective on all types of skin.

Swara Bliss has combined both the natural extracts and blended to form one-of-its-kind soap which is good for your body and face skin. The Glycerine soap is rich in moisture, hence, a perfect fit for those who are struggling with a dry skin type- and helps to fight any kind of sensitive skin issues like- itchiness, dryness, sun damage, eczema etc.

The soap has anti-fungal properties of lemongrass oil t can help in enhancing the skin texture and detoxify it as well.

Priced for INR 150/- for a 120gram round soap bar, the product is a must-recommended for dry skinned people who are struggling to find that one perfect product for a hydrated and lively skin. (Link)


Swara Bliss Night Cream is one of the most appreciated face cream of the season, as informed by the founder. Made up from a blend of various oils and butter-like:

Blue Tansy Oil is known for its skin-calming effects
Rose Hip Oil is known for protecting and hydrating skin fight free radical damage, and reduce wrinkles
Sea buckthorn Oil which is known to protect against infections prevents allergies
Hemp Seed Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties
Kokum Butter is rich in moisturizing properties
Shea Butter for softening skin
Helichrysum is known for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties

The Night Cream acts as an antioxidant and is most affected when used just before your night sleep. It helps in clearing off the unwanted dirt and microbes from the skin and diminishes scars when used regularly. The cream helps to balance out the oily skin and Hydrates skin deeply and leaves a soft and youthful feel of the skin. The cream is a must to reduce Hyper-pigmentation, fines lines and is a perfect fit for all kinds of skin types.

I personally have oily skin type in this season, but using this cream helps me to balance the moisture of my skin and waking up in the morning does not feel excessively oily, as all the essential oils get absorbed in the skin while we sleep, and keeps our skin glowing and shiny in the morning, after your morning face wash. Perhaps, a very well designed product to keep your skin feels hydrated and vibrant.

Priced at INR 699/- for a 50grams pack, though you might feel it little prices, but will all the eminent oils and butter, the product is a must try to keep feeding the quality to your skin, just like we tend to do for our stomach. (Link)

Indeed, with its existence in the market for a couple of years, Swara Bliss has never compromised with the quality of its products. The company believes in the real quality products at the best price for everyone, to meet the right value of the brand and the brand has done true justice with the kind.

True Speak wishes Swara Bliss a flourishing year ahead and expect to come up with more phenomenal products for youthful and hydrated skin to make you feel lively.

(The review has been written after experiencing the products for more than a month use)

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