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Enrich your hair and scalp with True Frog’s Haircare Range

We have been giving so much care to our body by treating it with the right amount of nutrition and healthy vitamins. From our eating habits, to using right cosmetics, we make sure that we treat ourselves with the best things which are healthy and organic.

Just like everything, people have been very cautious with their hair care regime too. No matter if it is men or women, everyone have been quite determined to take care of their health- skin, hair and body, quite literally.

We have a number of products in the market that have been stating to be herbal, organic, paraben-free and what not! But actually, we can only rely on those products which we have used and have experienced and True Speak got a chance to experience one of a kind brand which has been named True Frog.

Yes! We can certainly remember the name as it has been claiming to be the first to come up with advanced products that cater to the ever-changing demands of the personal care industry. The company believes that products reflect the health, beauty, and diversity of those who use them, and we reviewed few of their hair care products which you can prefer if it matches your hair texture.

True Frog Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 250ml (INR 545)

The company currently has three kinds of shampoo on their official website- Shampoo for Curls, Anti-Dandruff and Anti-Hairfall. And we got our hands on the Anti-Dandruff shampoo.

Touch and Feel: To start with I would like to mention that the touch and feel factor of the bottle was good. It was decently packaged and the logo looks lively. The company has put on decent effort not only on its products but on the packaging too.

Content: The shampoo comprises Black Pepper and Inga Bark Extract which are said to help to moisturize the scalp and clear dandruff. Furthermore, it has Lemon Extract and Tea Tree Oil to treat the dryness of the scalp. Aloe Vera Leaf juice to prevent itchiness and PANTHENOL to retain natural moisture and reduce split ends. The company also states that the shampoo is a perfect fit for those who live in areas and society where they normally get hard water.

Experience: I used the shampoo several times and though I have long color processed hair, yet the shampoo worked decent. Though I felt it was drying my hair and scalp a little but by using a right amount of conditioner helped me retain the nourishment. Also, as it is an anti-dandruff shampoo, it resulted really positive on the dandruff prone hair and effected positively from the first wash itself.

True Frog Everyday Hair Conditioner 250 ml (INR 565)

It is a normal ritual to use conditioner after every hair wash and to cater the demand, the company came up with its Everyday Hair Conditioner to match all of their shampoo kind.

Content:  The conditioner has been made by Avocado Butter and Tamanu Oil to add strength and shine to the hair. It also has an Anti-aging White Lotus Flower to maintain the health of hair along with a Tender Coconut Water Concentrate to support the cell growth of follicles. Also, the conditioner comprises Quinoa Protein to restore hydration and protect colour.

Experience: As mentioned above, the anti-dandruff shampoo worked positively on heavy dandruff affected scalp and to maintain the strength and shine of the hair, the company’s only conditioner helped the hair strand to have a tangle free experience, and it really adds up the shine. A must recommended conditioner for those who prefer washing hair every day, as it is mild and positively impact the hair, keeping it lush and radiant.

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 200gm (INR 695)

We all need hair care therapy, but the rising pollution and our rough schedule of work and after do not give us enough time to go to a spa. Now True Frog has launched its Deep Conditioning Hair Mask for all those who are looking for the right repair formula for their hair and scalp. The hair mask is made of vinegar, apple, lemon and tamarind Extract to prevent hair damage. Also, it has Tucuma Butter to provide deep conditioning, Quinoa Protein to restore hydration and beetroot, chia seed and Linseed Extract to protect hair colour.

Experience: I used this mask at least 4 times and it resulted really positive. Keeping the mask on for 20 minutes (on shampoo washed hair) gives enough strength to the hair and scalp. It gives radiant shine and soft hair from scalp to tips. Also if you have coloured hair, it really helps to create that softness and removes the fizzy hair look, keeping your hair strands smooth, silky and straight. I recommend this hair mask to be used at least once a week to keep hair healthy and strong.

To know more about True Frog brand visit their official Website

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