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Celebrate Holi with growing leaders under Startup Space

Happy Holi Readers!

Holi is a celebration of colours in people’s lives and is counted as the second auspicious festival in India after Diwali. It is also said that Holi is a spring festival that bid goodbye to winters. Indeed one of the craziest festival for north Indians and now is being enjoyed not only in another southern part of the country but in a number of nations. Our Indian communities across the world enjoy the beauty of being around friends and enjoy some quality time, which is quite rare in current times.

We spoke to number of leaders and budding entrepreneurs across the domain to know what they believe and what spirit they have for this festival:

“As Holi is an outdoor festival the skin and hair will be exposed to the sun, synthetic colors and dust particles combined with pollution, which can stick to your skin and cause various skin issues, especially Eczema! (a common skin condition that causes dry, itchy scalp and skin). So deep moisturizing and cleansing your body is very crucial for smooth and nourished skin and hair!” said  Aakash Anand, Founder, Bella Vita Organic. 

“The festival of colours is here but owing to the pandemic, I’d advise everyone to stay indoors. I think this Holi should be themed around health, immunity and self-care. Pali Farms has just the right product that matches the Holi mood and promotes overall wellness – The Superfood Latte!”, said Anay Tripathi, Founder, Pali Farms.
He added, “These signature blends are made from Superfoods and vitality enhancing spices that improve immunity, activates metabolism while gently cleansing and nourishing from inside. These are instant caffeine-free mixes that comes in 3 flavours: Turmeric, Beetroot and Spinach. The happy pastel colours and nourishing ingredients make such a beautiful combination that the average cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate just starts to feel boring. “

“I have always believed that festivals are an amazing opportunity for people to give time and love to their friends and families. Last year, just after Holi, the global pandemic made us realize how precious our lives are. Many people lost their family and many lost their lives. But those who lived, are still living and surviving to make a better place. We at Mawa Foundation have been working towards training youth for a better and advanced future with their skills in sports. We aim at giving a better future to them, and this Holi, we work towards the betterment of the society by providing life-changing experience to our kids with our training and advance them for a brighter future”, said, Ambrish Singh Baghel, E-Entrepreneur & Co-Founder at Mawa Human Development And Awareness Foundation

“We celebrate Holi to share positivity in so many ways. Our country is so diverse and intense, that every festival plays a prominent for our culture. But one most important thing which this festival teaches us is the spirit of being together with the people you love. Do not forget why you started to work and who is your driving factor for growth. I have always believed that whatever I am is because of my family, and I will work harder and smarter to retire early and live life on my terms. All I have to do is to hustle a bit more. My Holi spirit is all about helping people to become a better version of themselves to attain a secured life with success and time both”, said Sunita Jindar, Ex-Supreme Court Lawyer and Entrepreneur at Global Ventures.

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