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Bella Vita Organic’s Skincare Range Review- An Indian Brand with Quality and Quantity

The products of Bella Vita Organic are handcrafted and organic- made up from the natural elements of the earth and blends the ancient skin and hair care practices. Their standardized products are built by traditional and artisanal expertise with natural ingredients and are further infused with the pureness and authenticity of the most superior organic Indian herbs.

We recently got our chance to review their prominent products from skincare and fragrances, and they were, no doubt exceptionally great at a very competitive price band, making it an ideal blend of luxury, quality and affordability for Indian consumers. Let me get you through with a few of the best products which we believed in and experienced.

The brand gives you a luxury product feel at a reasonable price, which makes it a must have. Below is our review to let you know how we felt about the skincare product range from the company.  

Vitamin C-Glow Natural Face (225 ml)

The Vitamin C Face Wash, C-Glow, is a blend of natural ingredients like Coffee, Neem, and Mint which helps the user to have bright and glowing skin. A unisex product blended with ayurvedic ingredients provides a natural glow to your face. The Vitamin C enabled organic face wash is capable to control excessive oil on your skin, helps to de-tans and smoothen it without making it feel sticky. The facewash makes you feel fresh, as it deep cleanses the pores and skin from dirt, pollution & dead skin cells. A perfect facewash to all season and a must-have for at-a-go users.

My Experience: Indeed as mentioned above, the product feels really good. I have a moderate skin- oily during summer, partially dry in monsoon, and dry in winters. I am happy to report that I have been using this product for almost 1.5 months now, and love the feel on the skin. My skin is also acne prone due to sweat and humidity, but Bella Vita Organic’s face wash helps me clear my skin, as it positively affected my acnes, by helping them dry-off and make my skin shine and glow, without the use of any artificial cosmetic. A must have product under the range of INR 299/-.

Chakra Cleanse – Aura Boosting Natural Body Wash (225 ML)

Chakra Cleanse – Aura Boosting Natural Body Wash has some organic ingredients like Himalayan Rock Salt which is known to remove negativity energies from the environment, it further contains coffee which is known for its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which helps to improvise the texture of the skin by giving it a natural glow, neem which is an ayurvedic golden ingredient known for its healing and purifying properties, mint which acts like a mild astringent for the skin and is capable of removes dead skin, cells and dirt; and lastly Vitamin E which helps to moisturize skin and is known for healing ability. A must have unisex body wash which enables you to feel refreshed and energized for the entire day.

My Experience:  Just like a face wash, a good body wash enables you to feel lively, and healty with keeping your skin hydrated, moisturized and keeps a refreshing experience. Certainly Chakra Cleanser did the justice with its unique property and affordable price point. The body wash has a vanilla-coffee kind of fragrance and it lathers enough with just 3-4 drops of body wash over a loofa you can have a good foamy bath and gives your body a rich and smooth experience.  I have been using the body wash regulary for a month and it has been quite positive for my skin. The overall product is a must have as it is unisex and anyone can use it. It is mild, vitamin e rich which helps to nourish our body skin and leaves our skin lively, smooth and moisturized. A must try products at a reasonable budget of INR 399/-.

Micellar Water –(225 ml)

Micellar Water has been on demand for a while in the market now. Various brands have been coming up with chemically blended micellar water for makeup removing, which is quick, but sometimes harm the skin due to the chemicals which the companies have been using to make the process swift. But Bella Vita Organic’s Micellar Water is not like any ordinary or any fancy brand, as it has its own natural and unique properties which enable your skin to be cleansed with all organic ingredients. Made from rose water, aloe vera, Argan and cucumber, the oil infused Micellar Water is capable to remove light, heavy or waterproof makeup naturally. It is mild over skin and gently removes all the artificial makeup or any impurities from the environment, leaving your skin completely clean, soft and hydrated. As the makeup removing water is naturally made with best of the organic ingredients, it suits all the kind of skin types.

My Experience: A must have face cleaning Micellar Water from Bella Vita Organic, as the water is oil infused, and leaves skin hydrated after using mild or heavy makeup. I use waterproof kajal and liner usually, and it was to my surprise that just wiping my eye twice, the liner and kajal was 80% cleared. Yes, we need to be little cautious while using the water, as it contains rose water which might give a burn sensation, a little uneasy tingle to your eye, if goes inside the eyes, but it doesn’t harm as its all organic.

The micellar water from Bella Vita is a perfect product and there have been times when I used it as a cleanser to my skin, and it smoothly cleared my face pours by removing normal dust. All we need to do is to “Shake well before use” to blend the oils in the water before using, which keeps the skin greasy and shiny. And at the budget of INR 399/-, we get a decent quantity that can last for a really decent time when used regularly for removing makeup.


I wrote this review after using the product for an entire month and I am convinced to state that the product range from Bella Vita Organic made me realize that organic and made in India products do not need to be expensive. The brand has maintained a great quality at a very competitive price. No doubt its price and quality are unmatched and I strongly recommend the skincare range to be used at atleast once- because they are all tested and organic.

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